Resistance to a Trump Occupation

9 Nov

As many of us navigate the stages of grief following the election results, some express a wish for healing and accommodation. But the system is now broken. This is an earthquake and we cannot ignore the damage. Trust cannot be shared with all equally, and if we respond with plans to organize a resistance, we need to be clear about the new rules for engagement in a Trump Occupation.

The Roman Empire did not have nukes when it collapsed; there was no internet, nor was there the threat of global warming. The current situation is serious and dangerous and unacceptable.

Already since February the Republican Party has blocked the consideration of a Supreme Court Judge, a move without precedent. Now it is the Democrats who must move to the spoiler role, to stop Trump’s destructive impulses. There will be court cases based perhaps on harassment history and financial misdeeds. We must accept that the Struggle will be engaged on many levels.

Accommodation to this new regime would be wrong. Like other communities, ours includes many leaders that will position themselves to profit as insiders. Some may be well meaning, and more will simply be self-interested. This dynamic increases the potential for division. Some inside track leaders can be trusted, but others cannot. The logic of our traditions warns us not to take as friends or protectors people that do not have our interests at heart. But given the potential for widening disaster, let us clearly have humanity’s interests at heart. This will certainly require continued resistance and struggle.

Is this a moment for Hijrah? For some it clearly is. The world capitalist system has many injustices that are now built in to a globalized economy. What is escape in this context? The system will now attempt to stabilize itself, but the rules of engagement are not the same.

The situation is worse than many of our colleagues will want to understand. In the near term the public may be reassured by symbolic actions to “unify” the nation under the new regime. But this is indeed a civil war, and separation must take new forms, resistance must take new forms.

It is a privilege to be put in this position of Struggle but also a challenge. The Ego that would control the state must be exposed and weakened in its force. Can we find the discipline to create alternative economic and social services if liberal policies or entitlements are cut back or destroyed? Even if Trump is removed one way or another, we still face Mr Pence and Mr. Ryan, each highly problematical. The Republican Party may place its hopes in an eventual Mr Pence presidency that they control through their advisors. As it stands now, we will have criminals running the government and people like Rudolf Guiliani. Who will be attending those White House iftars?

It will be interesting to see how Muslim organizations and leadership, especially the immigrant community with its strong survival instinct, seek to accommodate and adapt to new norms. There is much potential for division and great harm.

May Allah grant us the calm determination, the wisdom and the fortitude to be part of the movement to not only maintain our lives as we have known them, but our integrity.


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