Death of Bin Laden

2 May

Bin Laden’s deadly attack on the World Trade Center almost ten years ago was a terrible distortion of our faith. Terrorism is never permitted by Islam.

Despite his reference to various political grievances around the world, Bin Laden’s evil actions should not be mistaken by anyone as examples of acceptable political action. We agree with President Barak Obama for correctly noting in tonight’s speech that Osama Bin Laden was a mass murderer of Muslims and not a representative of Islam.

Like other Americans, we feel relieved that Osama Bin Laden is dead but we note that al Qaeda may persist in its errors and in its threat. Those who continue to spread negative and vicious religious interpretations must be most strongly condemned. So should those who use the existence of violent extremism as a pretext to oppress Muslims anywhere.

Islamic leadership must face the challenge of educating the community to work for positive change in preferably nonviolent ways. This year, we have seen this beginning to take place in the Arab and Muslim nations.

One may wonder if Osama Bin Laden was executed and regret that others lost their lives in the process.  And yet one must also wonder why Osama Bin Laden had been able to live in Pakistan so close to Islamabad, and for so long.  Full disclosure should be made. Our military men and all those who work protecting our shared human values deserve nothing less.

One must hope that instead of continuing the cycle of violence this will move us closer to peace and the end of military engagement in Afghanistan as elsewhere. In this path we Muslims find guidance in Surah 16, verses 125 through 128.

Muslim Progressive Traditionalist Alliance


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