What is TABLE 32?

28 Nov


Named for the chapter & verse in the Quran that affirms the unique value of human life, TABLE 32 is a space for honest & open discussion among Muslims, but open to respectful dialogue with all people.

A project of the Muslim Progressive-Traditionalist Alliance (PTA), TABLE 32 offers a place for honest & sincere discussion of human life, consciousness and being.  The purpose is to clarify & promote life affirming understandings in context of our faith tradition, without denying any complexities that may arise.

The subject is a sensitive one, at a time when in the Muslim world, terror plots claim civilian lives on a regular basis and exploitation, corruption and injustice seem to be entrenched in government and society. While the problem of violence is obviously not confined to this faith community, Muslim discourse will be the main focus of TABLE 32.

TABLE 32 offers food for thought, a framework and a forum to exchange ideas through the Muslim Progressive Traditionalist Alliance which seeks to educate and inspire local communities through interfaith and intrafaith dialogue, bridging sectarian and cultural gaps and, most specifically, engaging diverse Muslim and immigrant communities in civic engagement projects, social justice programs and acts of conscience.

In 2011 and 2012 this new group worked to sponsor and participate in panel discussions  about progressive issues (Left Forum, Anarchist Book Fair, Flushing Interfaith Council, Brooklyn Peace Fair, several downtown NYC events for the 9/11 Anniversary, civil liberties programs and a range of dialogues and workshops)  and seek to build relationships among diverse Muslim leaders in the USA with a range of points of view, in partnership with other community groups.

This project explores Islamic based scholarship and fully accepts the role that human intelligence plays in adapting and implementing tradition.  Some interpretations of Islamic tradition distort the spirit and ignore the context of the teachings as a way to support  forms of violence in local or global power struggles. What false and misleading interpretations are influential and how can one more effectively guide our brothers and sisters towards alternative paths both life enhancing and deeply rooted in taqwa, tawheed, deen and iman? What effective, non-violent tactics may be available to those who struggle for Justice?

At the same time, as in the Quranic verse itself, we will also acknowledge the agreement between diverse faith traditions on this matter.  Stay tuned! With peace.


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